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Traditionally Building Control approval could only be obtained through the Local Authority. Legislation has changed this and now ‘Approved Inspectors' can also provide a Building control service, they have to be assessed and approved by the Government.

The Local Authority have improved their services to compete with the Approved Inspectors and we have a ‘partnership' arrangement with the City & County of Swansea to check all of our Building Regulation applications irrespective of where the property is located in the UK. The relevant Local Authority will then undertake the site inspections. This enables Building Regulation application to be dealt with by the same person given us a consistent interpretation of the regulations.

Approved Inspector Service

We are also able to arrange a full Approved Inspector Service undertaken by Meridian Consult Ltd. Their fees are competitive with those charged by Local Authorities and we will be pleased to obtain a quote for you for any project whatever the size.

The service includes:-

  • A single point of contact for all your plan checking / site inspections.
  • A same day inspection service is available.
  • Access to a register of Standard Details that you can select from to submit as part of your application.
  • Priority service for any Heat Loss Calculations (Domestic & Commercial) and air testing required to demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations.
  • Issuing of a detailed and constructive Plan Check report and where requested a Plans Certificate.
  • Detailed advice on key requirements that may affect your particular development. If we highlight issues that require attention in order to secure compliance, we will not leave you with the problem but will do everything we can to help resolve the matter.
  • A final certificate on completion which has the same legal standing as a completion certificate issued by a Local Authority.

MSBC Ltd work closely with a number of other Approved Inspectors undertaking a range of site inspectors and plan checking. The Approved Inspectors regularly worked for include

Should you wish to use one of these Approved Inspectors instead of the Local Authority or Meridian Consult we will be pleased to obtain a quote for you.

Freelance Inspection Service

If you are an Approved Inspector and require an inspection we can undertake this for you throughout Gloucestershire, South Wales, the South West and the M4 Corridor from Swansea to London.
If you have an inspection you would like us to undertake please give us a ring or drop us an e-mail and we will give you a quote for undertaking the inspection.

Quotes can be given for individual inspections or a group of inspections to be undertaken on the same day.

Site inspection reports including photographs as required will be e-mailed through within 24 hours of inspection.

Professional indemnity insurance cover is provided for up to £2,000,000

Freelance Plan Checking

We undertake freelance Plan Checking for Local Authorities and Approved Inspectors. We check for compliance with the Building Regulations on a variety of schemes from small extensions through to complex commercial schemes.
This work can be quoted for on an hourly basis or on a scheme by scheme. Detailed reports are provided on where the plans submitted do not comply with the Building Regulations.

Professional indemnity insurance cover is provided for up to £2,000.000.

Building Control Specifications

Specifications specific to Building Control are prepared for architects or the general public. These specifications, when used in conjunction with a Planning Drawing (supplied by you) will assist you in the making of the Building Regulation application. We will make the application on your behalf if required.

We will check the basic principals of your design and advise you on any areas that will not meet the Building Regulations. The specification will include details of the wall, floor and roof construction and all the relevant specification clauses relating to a Building Control application. SomeA4 drawings will usually be included.

It should be noted that the specification will be tailored for your project - it is NOT a standard specification littered with irrelevant clauses.

The price will depend upon the size of the project but generally is £250 - £300

Air Testing

We do not undertake air testing ourselves but will be pleased to obtain a quote for you through one of our approved suppliers.


Disability Discrimination Audits

On commercial premises we will provide an Access Audit identifying areas of concern and offering solutions with respect to disabled access.
Building Owners and Service providers have a duty under The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) to ensure their services are accessible to all.

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